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Sofia Dental veneers treatments are used to repair damaged teeth. They are alternative treatments such as crowns, implants and composites. It is among the most effective treatments to be used by patients who want to beautify their smile. It is an extremely painless and easy treatment. They are more advantageous treatments than implants in terms of price performance. Coating prices are 2 times lower than implants. The result obtained is also extremely efficient. In the continuation of our content, you can find what you are wondering about dental coatings.

What is Dental Veneer?

dental veneer is a small shell-shaped structure made of ceramic or composite. This piece of shell is applied to the damaged tooth by the dentist. Thanks to the veneers, the defects in the teeth can be easily hidden. Veneers are designed for anterior teeth only. There is no need for veneer for the back teeth anyway. To ensure a long-lasting use, the measurement must be taken correctly. For this, you need a specialist doctor. If you want to work with an experienced doctor in the field, you can check the Sofia dental veneer prices .

Are you also interested in coatings? Do you have some questions about coatings? You can find answers to all of them in the rest of our content.

When Should Dental Veneers Be Done?

Dental veneers can be preferred in many cases. Below you can see the times when dental veneers will be made;

  • When you want to change the color of the teeth; Teeth can sometimes turn yellow naturally or from consuming too much caffeine. Of course, yellow teeth lead to loss of self-confidence and make you feel bad. Thanks to dental veneers, it is possible to have very good and white teeth.
  • When you want to change the shape of the teeth; Teeth can sometimes be naturally small, misshapen and misshapen. It can even be broken as a result of accident for some reasons. Thanks to dental veneers, it is possible to have smooth and regular teeth.
  • To change the alignment; Dental veneers also replace orthodontic treatments. You can use veneers when you want to change the tooth alignment.

How is the Dental Veneer Procedure?

Only 2 procedures are required for cleaning and whitening teeth. It is sufficient to go to the dentist for a preliminary examination and then go to the doctor to lay the veneers. More complex planning, ie when the patient needs additional dental treatment, will require a larger process. For example, if there is a broken tooth, filling and canal treatment will be performed, the veneer treatment will also take a long time. The dentist should give you all the details when planning. In general, the dental veneer procedure proceeds as follows;

  • In order to determine the problem and meet the expectations, the dentist will perform a preliminary examination and take a dental x-ray and even take a photograph. Thus, it will be possible to see the before and after situation in the future.
  • On the second appointment, a resin will be placed in your mouth until it hardens. Afterwards, a mask will be attached to your teeth, revealing your future tooth shape.
  • In the third appointment, it is necessary to cut the teeth a little so that the veneers fit on the teeth. This process is called digging. So in a way, your original tooth is reduced. Then the coating process is started.
  • In the fourth appointment, the actual placement of the veneers is provided. This procedure takes place under local anesthesia. Thus, you will not feel any pain or suffering. It may just be a little sensitive at first. However, this process will continue until it is finished, after which it will disappear completely. Within 1-2 hours, the coating of all your teeth will be placed.

Lumineers Innovation of Pelicular Coatings

Pelicular coating types offer much more innovative solutions. Although they are ultra-thin, they are extremely durable, giving you many advantages. In addition, you do not need to pre-treat your teeth in any way. Thus, while your teeth get a white smile, they also look perfect. Studies show that lumineers coatings can be used for up to 20 years without any problems. In other words, you will have made a long-term investment in a material that you can use for years.

Tooth color, size and shape will be determined at your first visit. In the second session, the veneer is adhered to the tooth. It will take you about 1 hour to do this. Thanks to quality manufacturers, teeth are inserted quickly and painlessly. Conventional veneers are not recyclable as they cause scraping on the teeth. However , there is such a possibility in lumineer coatings . The advantages of luminerous coatings are as follows;

  • Requires faster fix.
  • It is thin and light.
  • reversible solution .

Tooth Veneer Price Is Determined Based On What?

One of the other questions about dental veneers is the prices of the veneers. Sofia dental veneer prices vary according to the equipment of the clinic where you will receive treatment. If the clinic is equipped and sterile and customer satisfaction is prioritized, you have to pay a little more. However, the experience of the doctor and the satisfaction of the patients towards the doctor are also effective in the price of the veneers. Finally, the type of coating you will use and the number of coatings you will have are also reflected in the fees. You can contact us to give a clear answer to your question about prices, you can find affordable quality clinics offering treatment in Sofia.

Are There Possible Risks in Coatings?

Possible risks in veneers are less than in other treatments. Only oral hygiene is required. Otherwise, you cannot provide long-term use. In addition, the coating may fall and break. However, if you do not want to face all these risks, you can get dental treatment in Sofia by contacting us .

How to Care for Dental Veneers?

Sofia Dental Veneers
Sofia Dental Veneers

No special care is required, except that the veneer adapts to the gums. You can continue to care for your teeth the way you care for your teeth in normal life. It will be enough to pay attention to the following elements;

  • Replace your toothbrush every 6 months using a quality toothbrush.
  • Use dental floss.
  • Do not delay your dental examination checks.

Composite Coating or Better Ceramic?

Although these two materials are similar to each other, they are structurally different from each other. Composites have significant formability. It is adhered to the natural tooth using a paste. Afterwards, the dentist can make a precise adjustment and give the tooth its shape. Composite adhesives are much more affordable than coatings. However, from an aesthetic point of view, dental veneers are much more advantageous.

What are the Benefits of Dental Veneers?

Dental veneer treatments, which are used very frequently, repair the teeth without spoiling the appearance. Treatment is applied in a natural-looking and reliable way. Durability is another advantage. Dental veneer benefits can be shown as follows;

  • It provides whiteness without any problem.
  • It makes your smile good in general.
  • It helps increase your self-confidence.
  • It does not cause deterioration in the tooth structure.
  • It provides high resistance against food staining.
  • It is resistant to hot and cold sensitivity.

To get these benefits, you must have dental veneers.

Who Can Have Dental Veneers?

In addition to porcelain veneers, there are veneer options to have white teeth and a beautiful smile. People who want to gain self-confidence, have good general oral care and do not have an allergic reaction to local anesthesia can have veneer teeth. If you want to get rid of your stained teeth, you can use veneer methods.

What are the Coating Types?

  1. Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers change the shape, size and color of the tooth. Some of the advantages are that they are thinner than other veneers, close to the original tooth appearance and durable up to 15 years.

  • Ceramic Coatings

One of the most popular coatings used is ceramic coatings. Having a natural appearance, fulfilling the original tooth function and being durable are its biggest advantages.

  • Composite Coatings

It is preferred by patients with a good budget because of its high cost. It can usually settle in a single session. Require less preparation, low cost compared to porcelain veneers and being of high quality are some of the advantages it provides.

Is There Pain After Veneers?

Severe pain is not expected after veneers. There is only sensitivity in the first place. However, eating the wrong way , consuming excessively sweet foods and not taking care of your teeth can damage the veneers and cause pain.

you would like to have dental veneer treatment in Sofia , you can contact us for price information.

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