Bulgaria Hollywood Smile Prices

Everyone wants to have perfect smiles. Aesthetic smiles help people regain their self-confidence. Today, many people prefer to have a Hollywood smile design for this purpose. With our years of experience, we will give you information about what a Hollywood smile is and how it is made. If you are considering making this application, you can read our article.

Hollywood smile design is the name given to the type of smile that has been developed with inspiration from the smiles of Hollywood stars and has some standards. The main purpose of dental aesthetic procedures is to ensure that people have a perfect tooth and gum appearance. For this purpose, healthy, symmetrical and white tooth appearances called Hollywood smile are performed. Various smile design applications are made for this process.

What Are The Hollywood Smile Rules?

Bulgaria Hollywood Smile
Bulgaria Hollywood Smile

are general standards for the Hollywood smile . These;

  • The width of the lips should be half the width of the face.
  • People should have a deep laugh line. With the smile, all teeth should be visible, up to the upper molars.
  • Lips should have a symmetrical appearance.
  • The upper anterior teeth should have a smooth appearance.
  • During the smile, the upper gums should be visible by a maximum of 2 mm.
  • Applications such as fillings on the upper teeth of people should not be visible.
  • The lower incisors of the patients should not be visible while smiling.
  • It is an important issue that the upper incisors are more prominent and prominent.

For this purpose, in addition to dental and gum operations, different procedures such as botox and lip filling can be performed for the Hollywood smile process.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Hollywood Smile?

benefits of the Hollywood smile , the application has become very popular in recent times. The communication between the patient and the doctor should be quite good because the expectations are fully met with the Hollywood smile. It is important for physicians to correctly understand the expectations of patients and to analyze the treatment results according to patient expectations.

The designs should be planned in advance and the consent of the patients should be obtained, and the design should be constantly rehearsed. In this way, it is possible to achieve excellent results. There are various benefits provided by a correct and trouble-free Hollywood smile application. These;

  • A perfect smile helps people gain a perfect look.
  • Thanks to the Hollywood smile design, patients achieve aesthetic and symmetrical teeth.
  • Self-confidence problems caused by oral and dental problems are eliminated.
  • It is possible for the teeth and gums to have a healthy appearance.
  • Since it is an application that takes into account the expectations of the people, the patients will be 100% satisfied after the procedure.
  • Determining the ideal smile for people’s faces provides an energetic look.

How to Get a Hollywood Smile?

Various processes need to be performed to make a Hollywood smile . In addition to tooth and gum treatments, procedures such as lip filling are also performed within the scope of smile design. For smile design, it is an important issue to determine the expectations and needs of the people first. For this reason, the procedures to be performed may differ depending on the individuals. It would be right to consult dentists to get the clearest information on this subject. In general, there are some operations performed.

Teeth whitening

There are various methods to be used for teeth whitening . The main purpose of all these methods is to lighten the tooth color a few tones and to have a white appearance of the teeth. These methods can be performed by dentists in clinical settings. In addition, people can also do teeth whitening at home. Which of these methods will be used is determined by the dentists depending on the needs of the patients.


In case of loss of teeth, these losses must be eliminated in order to obtain an aesthetic appearance. Implants are the treatment methods used to eliminate tooth loss.

Porcelain Vener

Porcelain veneer is the name given to porcelain veneer treatments on the front of the teeth. These methods are used to eliminate problems such as crooked, stained, broken and intermittent teeth. The process is completed in an extremely short time. The materials used in the porcelain veneer process have light transmittance. For this reason, there are no situations such as graying.

Who is Hollywood Smile Applied to?

gingival and lip tissues of the patients who will have a Hollywood smile design should be examined in detail. The shape, position and dimensions of the tooth in the mouth are examined, and smile design applications are made to suit the faces of the people.

Is Hollywood Smile Design Personalized?

In each step to correct the smiles of people in digital environments, the procedures are carried out individually. Procedures are planned according to the facial proportions of the people and the clarity of their smiles. It is extremely important to perform these procedures in matters such as the shape, color, skin color, lip position of the tooth.

How to Get a Hollywood Smile

Photographing is an extremely important issue in the Hollywood smile process. In dental photography , the surrounding tissues are photographed as well as the teeth. For the information to be transferred to the dental laboratory, measurement is also very important in addition to the photograph. With video shooting processes, dynamic facial aesthetics of patients while laughing and talking are looked at. Attention is paid to what can be done about the teeth for optimal facial beauty.

Hollywood Smile What to Do on a First Date?

Hollywood Smile What to Do on a First Date
Hollywood Smile What to Do on a First Date

In the first session of the applications for digital smile design, video and photo shoots are performed with studio equipment. Again, in this session, a measurement should be taken from the lower and upper jaws in order to make various designs on it.

What is Pink Aesthetics in Hollywood Smile?

Pink aesthetic is the scope of aesthetics applied to the gums surrounding the teeth. Criteria such as symmetrical gingival levels, light gingival color and bleeding, and healthy gingival color are among the key points evaluated for pink aesthetics. In case of complete contraction of the muscles in the face area, the level between the upper lip and the upper dental arch is controlled during the laughing line . Various issues are evaluated, such as how visible the teeth and pink gums are on the smile line.

What is the Laugh Line?

line is the name given to the intraoral window that appears when the working muscles contract completely when people laugh and take the form of a deep smile. It is extremely important that the upper teeth, lower lip and upper gums are in certain proportions in the smile line. In patients with a deep smile line, there are cases where the upper gums are more visible than they should be. This is gummy It’s called smiley . Gummy The smile situation is not a desired situation as it casts a shadow on a beautiful smile. There are several alternative treatment methods for patients with this condition.

Gummy How is the Smile Treatment?

Gummy The main purpose here is to reduce the level of visibility of the gums, as the upper gums appear more than they should be in patients with smile problems. During the treatment plan, issues such as upper lip thickness, crown length of the upper teeth, and muscle tone should be evaluated. There are many different alternative treatment plans available here.

gingivectomy It is ensured that the gingival levels are raised by cutting the gingival processes called as gingival. Botox applications are also gummy It is one of the preferred methods in smile . Botox applications are applied to the upper lip muscle to prevent the muscle from lifting too much. Gums that appear excessively while smiling will become much less visible.

What Ingredients Are Used in the Treatment of Hollywood Smile?

Professional photography is a very important issue for the Hollywood smile, especially for the evaluation of facial proportions and intraoral detail ratios. In dental photography, macro shots are taken to evaluate the size, position and color of the teeth. It is very important that these photos are taken from different angles.

An intraoral photographic mirror produced in a special way for dental photography is used. The process of taking photographs of the lower and upper jaw dental arch reflections is carried out. Special face arcs and millimetric measurement processes are performed if deemed necessary by looking at the face ratio. With panoramic films, it is necessary to determine the compatibility and health of the jaw bones, the position of the teeth in the alveolar bone. With the help of cephalometric films, the position and alignment of the lower jaw relative to the upper jaw should be evaluated. In addition to the films taken, the treatments for the optimal smile are planned as a result of the detailed examination procedures.

Which Treatment Methods Are Preferred For Hollywood Smile?

  • Teeth whitening
  • gingivectomy
  • Pink aesthetic
  • Implant Treatment
  • Porcelain laminate applications
  • Zirconium porcelain or porcelain veneers

What Problems Does a Hollywood Smile Help Solve?

What Problems Does a Hollywood Smile Help Solve
What Problems Does a Hollywood Smile Help Solve
  • missing teeth
  • Deformities in teeth
  • Correction of fractures and cracks on the tooth surface
  • crooked teeth
  • asymmetrical smile
  • teeth whitening
  • Improving gum health
  • Correction of gingival level

Do Age and Gender Matter for a Hollywood Smile?

Teeth structures are different in men and women. Since the facial features of women are oval in shape, the teeth are much more rounded, providing a nice harmony. The fact that the two anterior teeth are slightly longer is one of the important issues affecting aesthetics in women. In men, a more masculine and straight tooth curvature can be achieved by trying to achieve a harmonious appearance with angular lines. As a result, appropriate aesthetic appearance is obtained when trying to catch the teeth lines that are compatible with the facial lines in both genders.

Depending on the more oval-shaped face type in women, oval- contoured tooth form planning helps to achieve a more aesthetic appearance. In men, tooth forms with sharper lines should be planned. Teeth with angular forms also reflect the aesthetic difference in gender well.

The age of people is also one of the important criteria for a Hollywood smile. With the advancing age, there is a decrease in the tone of the facial muscles. The abrasions that occur in the enamel layer of the teeth, that is, the hard tissue, cause people to lose their self-confidence. In such cases, patients hesitate to smile or show their teeth.

What are the Hollywood Smile Prices?

Hollywood smile prices are planned individually and also vary depending on the types of treatments to be performed. In case of missing teeth in patients, this can be eliminated with implant treatment. In addition, it may be necessary to make only zirconia crown teeth. Hollywood smile prices are determined after detailed examinations by dentists.

The needs and expectations of people may vary in Hollywood smile designs. For this reason, since the scope of the treatments to be applied may change, it is not possible to make a clear determination in terms of price. But in general, there are some parameters that determine the prices of Hollywood smiles. These;

  • The expertise and experience of the treating physicians
  • Dental and oral health of patients
  • The level of expertise of the center where the treatment will take place, as well as its technical equipment
  • Treatments to be carried out within the scope of the application
  • Additional demands of patients for treatment

Preferred Smile Types in Smile Design

Many different smile design applications can be made within the scope of the smile types to be performed for the smile design application . Hollywood smile is preferred because it provides a perfect appearance especially in recent times. In addition, the types of smiles that can be preferred also differ.

Sporty Smile Design

It is the smile design that is necessary for people to have a much warmer and more sincere smile. The general standard of designs is that the central incisors are slightly longer than the lateral teeth.

Intellectual Smile Design

It is carried out in order for people to have a knowledgeable and mature smile. Intellectual smile design standards include emphasizing the lower part of the face and aligning the teeth on a straight line.

Attractive Smile Design

Attractive smile design is a method for people to have an attractive smile. The general standards of the design are that the anterior teeth are longer and more dynamic than the adjacent teeth.

Porcelain Lamina Veneers for Hollywood Smile

Porcelain tooth veneer is a method that is performed by thinning only the front surfaces of the teeth by 0.3-0.7 mm without cutting all the surfaces of the teeth and in which the solid tooth structures are lost at a minimum level. Porcelain tooth lamina is adhered to the areas where the thinning process is performed.

In Which Situations Is Porcelain Dental Lamina Preferred?

  • As a cosmetic method for correcting crooked and crooked tooth problems
  • In highly discolored teeth that can not get results with teeth whitening
  • In the correction of old fillings that have deteriorated in terms of color and structure
  • In teeth that are structurally bad in terms of shape and form
  • Restoration of teeth with fracture and wear problems
  • This method is used for joining the split teeth.

What are the Advantages of Porcelain Laminated Teeth?

It is possible to achieve the desired appearance thanks to minimal wear of 0.3-0.7 mm. The process takes approximately 7 to 10 days. They are made of solid and durable materials that do not discolor. Porcelain lamina processes, which have the desired aesthetic properties, can be applied without damaging the natural structure of the teeth.

No correction is made on the teeth or only minimal correction is performed. The amount removed from the tooth is extremely low. The teeth that you are not satisfied with the appearance are copied and the design is performed on them. The change in the teeth before the intervention of the teeth can be shown as a demo in the honey of the treatment. This demo is called mock-up . Porcelain surfaces attract attention with their very smooth structure. In this way, staining due to smoking or similar reasons is minimal. Color change problems do not occur due to external factors such as tea, cigarettes and coffee. These structures are extremely resistant to abrasion.

In How Many Sessions Is Porcelain Laminate Coating Performed?

In How Many Sessions Is Porcelain Laminate Coating Performed
In How Many Sessions Is Porcelain Laminate Coating Performed

If there is no need for a treatment in the gums or an intervention in terms of dental aesthetics, it is possible to complete the treatment in 2-3 sessions in 1 week. In the first session, measurements are taken without abrasion of the teeth. Various studies are carried out on the resulting model. Afterwards, the teeth are abraded and the measurements are repeated with a sensitive impression material. In the next appointment, laminates are applied to the teeth.

Today, the adhesion values of bonding technologies are quite high. If dentists act in accordance with technical sensitivity in applications, laminates can be applied to patients as their own teeth.

Porcelain laminates can be used for years without any problems thanks to correct and good oral care. The reason for this is that porcelain is produced with superior properties than other bonding systems. They have a structure that is resistant to staining and abrasion problems.

Bulgaria Hollywood Smile Treatment

Bulgaria is among the most preferred countries in terms of international health tourists. Many people prefer this country for Hollywood smile design because of its affordable and high quality. You can contact us to get information about the Bulgarian Hollywood smile design .

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