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(All On Four) Recently, oral and dental health is among the factors that determine the quality of life of people. These situations directly affect dentists’ prosthetic planning. Applications that increase patient satisfaction are frequently preferred today. The procedures performed to replace the teeth lost due to taste, chewing, pain, speech and appearance are called implants. Implant treatments are much more expensive for people who have no teeth or will soon be completely toothless. All on four treatment is one of the fast and effective treatment methods performed in people who have no teeth, in terms of bone replacement, sinus lift, and elimination of conditions that require further surgery due to bone deficiency. In our article , you can find everything you wonder about the all on four method.

All on four treatment method, surgical operations are performed with fixed full chin prosthetic restoration on 4-6 implants on the same day. Patient satisfaction is ensured by considering aesthetics, function, speech, taste and self-confidence.

All On Four Implant?

In case of a missing tooth or if a new one is required, a small screw is placed in the jawbone and the artificial tooth is placed in that screw and fixed to the gum. In the case of all on four implants , four screws are placed in the lower and upper jaw bones that will fix a bridge and help more than one or all teeth to be seated at once. In this way, all tooth groups can be placed at once. Thanks to this method, a much more comfortable experience can be obtained for patients. In addition to the comfort factor, it is also possible to complete the operation in a short time, usually one day, instead of multiple doctor appointments.

All on four implant screws are mostly made of titanium. The prosthetic teeth are then placed on these screws and the process is completed. This method is revolutionary in dentistry and relatively new developments and dental procedures. Implants have a success rate of approximately 95 %. It significantly reduces the inconvenience and time loss caused by other methods.

Since the artificial teeth are mounted and fixed in the jaw, there is no need for removal or cleaning. It is possible to perform maintenance procedures as in normal teeth.

All On Four Implant Treatment Performed?

Titanium screw mechanisms in implants are traditionally used for all on four treatment . The most important differences between traditional implants and all on four implants are how they are positioned in the mouth. 8 or 10 implants are used to replace the missing teeth in the completely edentulous jaw. However, only 4 implants will be sufficient for this technique.

The procedure is performed with 2 implants in the area where the bone is thickest in the front and 2 implants in the back of the jawbone. Implants in the front are placed at a 90 degree angle. Implants in the back should be placed at an angle of 45 degrees for maximum stability. After the placement of these 4 implants, bridge or crown operations can be performed on the implants.

All on four application , temporary prostheses are prepared according to the measurements taken from the patients. If the patients have teeth to be extracted under local anesthesia, they are removed and the implants are placed. Temporary prostheses prepared by the measurement process are attached to these implants. After 3 months, the permanent prosthesis procedures of the patients are performed.

All On Four Technique?

advantages of the All -on- four technique are wondered by those who are considering the procedure.

  • In case the implant cannot be placed due to bone resorption in the back of the jaw, fixed and aesthetic porcelain teeth can be used with 4 implants placed in the anterior part.
  • In patients who are completely edentulous, it is possible to make a fixed dental prosthesis with a single surgical procedure on the same day.
  • This application can be planned for individuals. It creates an aesthetic appearance, smile aesthetics and laugh line.
  • It draws attention with its much shorter processing time.
  • Cleaning and maintenance can be done easily.
  • Their design is different from full dentures. Since it does not cover the palate of the patients, it is much easier to get used to and use.
  • It is a very suitable method for patients with nausea reflex who have trouble using removable dentures.
  • Problems such as burning, hitting, stinging, which often occur in removable dental prostheses, do not occur.
  • In case of indication, implant placement and temporary prosthesis placement on the implant can be performed on the same day.
  • The number of sessions required for treatment is extremely low. Therefore, it is a method suitable for patients with limited time.
  • The treatment and control stages of the patients who prefer the All on for implant system are much more comfortable in the clinic.

Under Which Conditions Is All On Four Implant Method Applied?

Under Which Conditions Is All On Four Implant Method Applied
Under Which Conditions Is All On Four Implant Method Applied

All -on- four technique are as follows.

  • Oral hygiene should be brought to a good level before shooting.
  • In completely edentulous jaws, there should be sufficient bone amount and density in the middle of the premolars.
  • If the teeth are to be extracted, good cleaning procedures should be performed in the extraction sockets.
  • Laboratories with the necessary knowledge and equipment should be found in the production of temporary fixed prosthesis.
  • Dentists must have sufficient knowledge about all on four treatment methods.

All On Four Treatment Stages?

of all, radiological and clinical examination procedures should be performed in well-equipped clinics of patients who are planned for all- on – four treatment. Necessary measurements are performed on computed tomography. In this way, a suitable planning is made for the patients.

All on four procedure is performed in two different stages as surgery and prosthesis. On the day of the treatment, 4 dental implants are placed in accordance with the planning of the patients. Then, on the same day, the temporary dental prosthesis is fixed on the implants. After 3 months, patients can be fitted with permanent dental prostheses.

All On Four Procedure?

As with other implant operations, patients may feel some pain and swelling after the procedure. However, these complaints can be resolved in a short time with painkillers recommended by the dentist. All on four procedure is an application performed under local anesthesia. However, for patients who are very afraid of the procedure, the application can be performed under sedation or general anesthesia.

Although the application is performed under anesthesia, it is normal for patients to feel a little bit of pain after the procedure. Thanks to the consumption of painkillers in the periods recommended by dentists, patients will not have any problems.

How Should Nutrition Be After the All – On – Four Procedure?

all on four implant treatment, the diet should be as recommended by dentists. During the three-month period after temporary dentures are fitted and the dental implant and bones are expected to fuse, dentists prescribe a diet program to their patients. It is important for patients to pay attention to their nutrition in accordance with this program. In this process, it is important for people to avoid consuming very hard foods.

At the end of 3-4 months, patients can be fitted with permanent dental prostheses. Afterwards, no diet list is prepared for the diets. Now patients are free to consume whatever they want. However, it is important to be careful about the foods consumed so that the implants can be used for a long time.

Things to Know After All On Four Implant Procedure

  • After the operation is completed, patients should not eat or drink anything for two hours. During the first 24 hours, very hot and cold foods and beverages should be avoided.
  • Blood may be seen in the saliva within 24 hours after the surgery. However, patients should be careful not to spit and rinse the mouth during this process.
  • After the application, pressure should be applied to the implant area with a tampon in order for coagulation to occur and bleeding to stop. For this, a sterile and soft tampon should be preferred. Dentists will inform their patients about this issue in detail.
  • After 36 hours after the operation, patients can gargle twice a day. No food should be consumed for 40 minutes after gargling.
  • On the evening of the operation, patients should not brush their teeth or gargle.
  • If dentists give painkillers or antibiotics, these drugs should be taken in accordance with the physician’s recommendations.
  • Patients should not consume cigarettes or alcohol for 24 hours after the procedure. In addition, smoking should be suspended until the treatment and recovery processes are completely over.
  • Swelling may occur in the relevant area until a few days after the application. However, ice should be applied to the implant area in order to avoid these swelling problems.
  • If bleeding occurs in the implant area in the days after the application, it will be sufficient to apply pressure to this area with the help of a sterile tampon.
  • In seamless implant treatments, there is no need to visit physicians for the subsequent removal of stitches. However, if there are stitches that do not dissolve on their own, they should be removed within 5-7 days.
  • If patients have any problems with implants, they should contact their physicians without delay.

All On Four Treatment Applied to?

All on four treatment can be applied to fully edentulous patients who do not have any systemic disease that may prevent dental implant surgery and whose bone volume is sufficient. Temporary dental prostheses fixed on the dental implant after the procedure can be used immediately. However, in the 3-month period, which is the fusion period of the dental implant and the bone, it is important that the patients follow the diet recommended by the dentists. With the permanent prostheses to be made after the completion of this process, the patients can return to their normal diet.

What Are the Disadvantages of All On Four ?

All on four disadvantages are one of the issues that are wondered by people who are considering the procedure.

  • When the reliability and longevity of this technique is compared by dentists, it is a method that is relatively less reliable than traditional applications.
  • The fall of a single screw after the application causes all the teeth to become unusable.
  • The prepared prostheses are not as thin and gentle as in traditional implant bridges. They have a thicker structure.
  • Teeth cleaning is very difficult compared to bridge teeth. This is because there are so many surfaces that need to be cleaned. Failure to provide adequate cleaning causes periimplantitis infection and, as a result, screw loss.
  • The support required by 14 natural teeth is met by only 4 screws. Screw placement is not performed on the molar region with the highest bite force.
  • Some patients state that there is a passage of air and liquid under the teeth, so a hissing sound is heard when talking.
  • Premature loading of teeth may cause undesirable situations such as screw loss.

What’s the Best Method to Clean All On Four ?

It is extremely important to maintain and clean all on four implants in a specific way in order to preserve the long life of the all on four application and to prevent damage to the gums . These implants are open to infections as in normal teeth. Equal attention and care should be given to prevent gum diseases and bacterial infections.

Dentists give their patients the necessary information about how to care for their implants. In order to take good care of the implants, it is an important issue for the patients to ask their dentists about everything that is on their minds. In order to take good care of All on four implants, it would be better to buy special toothbrushes and dental equipment. Interdental brushes can be suitable for cleaning teeth. It is also possible to use dental floss.

  • It is extremely important to clean the implants after each meal. A few minutes at a time will suffice to do this correctly.
  • As with normal teeth, care should be taken to brush the teeth regularly. It is important to pay attention to brushing the teeth for about 2-3 minutes. If possible, a manual or electric brush with soft bristles can be used for this process.
  • It should not be pressed too much during tooth brushing. All implants and teeth should be cleaned regularly.
  • Brushing with circular movements from the tip of the tooth to the tooth level is the most accurate technique. In order not to damage the gums, brushing should not be applied too hard.
  • Dental floss and pressurized water tools can be preferred to remove residues around the gums or between the teeth.
  • After cleaning with dental floss, the mouth should be thoroughly rinsed with water. In case of bleeding at this stage, mouth can be gargled with salt water.
  • All on four implants for many years without any problems, it is important to go to dentist checks regularly.

It is important to make a dentist appointment every three or six months for regular checkups as well as a thorough cleaning. In addition, checks for any loosening or damage are made during these visits.

How Successful Is the All On Four Technique?

All on four technique is one of the dental health applications with a very high success rate in recent years. Patients can use their new teeth for years without any problems, especially if attention is paid to oral and dental care and routine controls are not interrupted after the treatment.

It is not possible for patients who do not have teeth to perform operations such as eating and speaking. New teeth can be made to patients with the All -on- four method. In this method, a total of 4 screws are thrown and the process is performed. Afterwards, the teeth are placed on these screws. These prostheses are called permanent prostheses. Prostheses can be used very easily and besides, their comfort is very high. After the studies, patients can start using their teeth comfortably. The procedure gives very successful results in patients followed for a long time. Therefore, there is no obstacle to the success of the application.

Poland All On Four Treatment

all on four treatment fees in Poland are extremely high, patients do not want to have this application. However, it is possible to get treatment and vacation in different countries at much more affordable prices.

Bulgaria All On Four Treatment

Bulgaria All On Four Treatment
Bulgaria All On Four Treatment

Since dental treatments in Bulgaria are quite affordable, they are often preferred today. Therefore, it is extremely popular in medical tourism in the country. You can contact us for more detailed information about all on four treatment in Bulgaria .

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