Koral Surgery in Turkey

Koral Surgery in Turkey is a pioneering health tourism company known for its successful operations for many years.  Koral, who has serious experience especially in mini gastric bypass surgeries, offers effective solutions to support the weight loss process of patients and to create a healthy lifestyle.

 Koral usually hosts 20-30 participants from Israel to its monthly tours.  This reflects the firm’s effectiveness and credibility in the Israeli health tourism market.  Koral, which also operates in the aesthetic fields, helps patients achieve their aesthetic goals by organizing surgeries such as liposuction and breast augmentation/reduction.

 Koral acts diligently at every stage, from medical supplies to doctor quality.  It works meticulously in the selection of materials and ensures its compliance with quality standards.  In the same way, the doctor takes great care of his quality.  Working with specialized and experienced surgeons, it ensures the safety of patients and successful surgeries.

Koral Surgery in Turkey
Koral Surgery in Turkey

Minimizing the risks of surgery is one of Koral priorities.  Our company ensures the safety of patients with advanced techniques and meticulously planned surgical processes.  It also makes all the necessary arrangements for patients to have a comfortable medical journey.  It provides comprehensive support in the pre- and post-operative period and makes patients feel comfortable.

Koral is a successful and stable company in the field of health tourism.  It aims to meet the expectations of its customers with its experienced team, quality service understanding and continuous energy expenditure.  Health, safety and satisfaction of patients are always the most important factors for Koral.

Choral Surgery in Turkey
Koral Surgery in Turkey

 Koral Surgery in Turkey

Koral Surgery in Turkey is a health tourism company known for its long years of experience and success.  Its success is due to the positive results it has achieved in mini gastric bypass and other surgeries.

Koral has significant expertise and experience in gastric bypass surgeries.  These surgeries are an effective method for patients struggling with obesity and weight loss.  Koral surgeons create customized treatment plans and successfully perform surgeries, taking into account the needs of each patient.  The fact that the number of patients of Koral reached 500 is an important factor that shows the experience and success of our company in this field.

Koral achievements are not limited to gastric bypass surgeries.  They also perform successful operations in aesthetic fields.  They also achieve superior results in aesthetic surgeries such as liposuction, breast augmentation/reduction.  In these areas, they manage to meet the expectations of the patients with their understanding of quality service and expertise.

Being a successful company, Koral constantly follows the positive results it has achieved and constantly moves forward on the path of self-development.  In order to keep the satisfaction of the patients at the highest level, it receives regular feedback, reviews the processes and focuses on improvement studies.  In this way, Koral can sustain its success and continue to provide quality healthcare services to its patients.

 The success of Koral is directly related to customer satisfaction.  The primary goal of Koral is to make patients feel safe and supported in their health processes.  Its customer-oriented approach and personalized services form the basis of its success.

Choral Surgery in Turkey
Koral Surgery in Turkey

Koral Surgery in Turkey

Koral is a health tourism company that attaches great importance to minimizing the risks of surgery and providing a comfortable and comfortable medical journey for patients.  This effort is part of a service approach focused on the safety and satisfaction of patients.

In order to reduce the risks of surgery, Koral applies a meticulous surgical process managed by a professional team.  Koral experienced surgeons make a detailed pre-operative evaluation and take into account the general health status, special needs and expectations of the patients.  In this way, the surgical plan and approach are designed to suit each patient’s customized needs.

Koral uses advanced techniques and equipment during surgeries.  It prefers quality medical materials for the safety of the patients and the success of the surgery.  In addition, it works meticulously on sterilization and infection control in hygienic environments.  In this way, it ensures the safety of patients by minimizing the risks of surgery.

Koral also makes all the necessary arrangements for the comfort and convenience of the patients.  Accommodation, transportation and other logistics details are planned and organized in advance.  It provides a guidance service to support patients in their travel and accommodation.  Thus, patients can feel safe and comfortable.

Koral post-operative follow-up and support services are also important to reduce the risks of surgery.  Patients can receive regular check-ups after surgery and counseling when necessary.  In this way, possible complications can be detected early and necessary interventions can be made.

Choral Surgery in Turkey
Koral Surgery in Turkey

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  • You will not encounter hidden payments.
  • Free transfer to airport, hotel or hospital
  • Accommodation in a 5-star hotel
  • A team of 3 Hebrew translators
  • Post-operative support team of 2 people,
  • Accommodation is included in the package prices.

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